Thanks for registering to be part of our #MadeInOttCity virtual business league! Please answer the questions below.
All applicants will be included in the #MadeInOttCity e-league. This virtual program provides you with regular challenges to complete, unique support, and fast access to Invest Ottawa services. Each challenge increases your eligibility for being 'spotlighted' in our displays and on our social media. Let's get started!
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I understand that my product, brand name, and name may be used in Invest Ottawa promotional materials to showcase the work and successes of the #MadeinOttCity businesses. *

I understand that some email servers like Gmail will sometimes "hide" emails from #MadeinOttCity e-league in my "social" or "promotional" folders, and I will remember to check there! *

Thanks for registering! Now head over to our e-League facebook group and join the conversation. Just click here!
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